Here Are The 5 Best Ways (We Think!) To Recover From A Festival

Marc Van der Aa

I got back from Lost Lands last week and thought about the importance of recovering properly after a festival. It’s no secret that festivals take a toll on your body, both mentally and physically. Exploring the festival grounds and walking many miles during the weekend, can be rough on your body.

After the festival, it’s time to return to the real world and here is a quick list of the best ways to recover from a festival.


We all know the importance of staying hydrated during the festival but it’s always important to stay hydrated before and after the festival as well.  Multiple days of dancing and being under the sun completely drains your energy and drinking water helps you from being dehydrated. I always like to keep a reusable water bottle around, like a Hydro Flask which comes in handy and reminds me to drink water and stay hydrated all day long. You can also drink something with electrolytes and minerals like GatoradePedialyte is often marketed towards children but we all know it’s great to cure hangovers and it also has electrolytes and nutrients.

Indulge In Real Food

You probably didn’t eat very much all weekend, except for pizza and french fries and maybe a couple protein bars. After a festival you need to replenish with some real food. Try eating a healthy meal with protein and nutrients because your body will be craving nourishment. I like to have some food at home so that I when I get back from a festival I have a healthy meal ready to go but if not I like to go to a favorite restaurant and fuel up there.

Soothing Shower

The best feeling after a rave is taking a nice soothing shower. This is especially true if you’ve been camping at the festival. Sometimes people sacrifice their personal hygiene when camping so washing the grime away when you come home is a must. Baby wipes are popular when camping but it doesn’t compare to a nice real shower. Even if you do take the time to shower at the festival at the portable showers it still doesn’t compare to a real shower. When I get home from a festival a nice, warm shower makes me feel like a new person.

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Catch Some Sleep

Most of us have full time jobs to be able to afford all the festivals we go to and we have to get back to work as soon as possible. I have come back from a festival where I need to go to work the next day and it’s such a struggle. I recommend you taking a day off after the festival to catch some sleep and recover properly. This will help you catch up on all the sleep you lost during the weekend and help you getting back to feeling normal again as quickly as possible.

Plan Your Next Festival

The post-festival blues. We all get them. Going from a fun-filled weekend at a festival and escaping reality to coming back to the real world can be tough. You miss the music, the vibes, the people you met, and more. Planning my next festival or looking at my calendar and seeing my next upcoming event always makes me feel better. Having something to look forward to is nice and helps me make me feel better and not so blue.

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