Carl Cox Brings PURE to the US

After a successful Australia edition of PURE, Carl Cox is bringing the concept to the states by way of the Brooklyn Mirage in NYC on June 15th.

Determined to break the mold of the current event climate, PURE was create with the simple mission of getting back to the basics of dance music culture. With festivals attempting to outdo each other with more LEDs, lasers, confetti, pyrotechnics, C02, and other outlandish amounts of production, it feels like music has taken the backseat. More and more people are being taken out of the moment by trying to record as much of the production as possible – and forgetting to just let go and dance. Carl is here to change that.

It’s time to focus attention on the dance floor again, not on what’s happening behind and around the DJ. Be sure to catch Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Worthy, and Eric Powell at the first ever US edition of PURE.

Presale tickets will be available on April 9th at 2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am PST.  

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