Nightclubs In Spain Are Starting To Reopen

Photo / Steve Black

Nightclubs in Madrid and Barcelona are reopening under certain regional restrictions

The time has finally come for Spain to reopen its clubbing doors after a vote was held by the Interterritorial Health Council earlier this month where specific rules were set in place for the return of nightlife in Spain. The council determined that Clubs in Catalonia (the area where Barcelona is located) could reopen on June 21 with an indoor capacity limit of 50%. The council further determined that groups of six are required to wear a face mask when dancing indoors.

Madrid and Galicia have stricter rules, as only outdoor dance events with 75% capacity are allowed in the city capital, and all venues will have to close by 3:00 AM. Galicia has determined that all of the cities clubs will wait until July 1 to fully re-open.

Nightclubs in the Balearic Islands (where Ibiza is located) are currently closed, however, White Isle will be holding its first piloted event at the Hard Rock Hotel with 1,500 people this upcoming Friday, June 25. If the piloted event proves to be successful, then the Balearic Islands may be able to re-open sooner than expected.


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