Interview: DEEPFAKE Are The Mysterious Detroit Duo Making What’s Fake Into What’s Real

If there were an award for Best Mysterious Persona, Detroit duo DEEPFAKE, takes the lead.

It’s pretty evident that secret personas are a popular way for artists within dance music culture to present themselves. For example, take Marshmello, deadmau5, and Malaa who are widely known for their masks and helmets.

FAKE 0 and FAKE 1, the two members of DEEPFAKE, have taken this concept of hiding your identity into their own hands. The two navigate the scene covered from head to toe in mono-color razzle dazzle fits. The signature look is a black and white razzle dazzle full face covering, long sleeve shirt, gloves, black pants, and razzle socks topped off with a black sun hat.

In addition, this year they started testing out a hyper-color so they could set the tone depending on where, and what genre, they’re performing.

“When you see DEEPFAKE in Ibizia and when you see DEEPFAKE in a Detroit warehouse, you can expect two different kinds of performances,” says FAKE 1.

Apart from their unmissable fashion, the duo has taken the word “fake,” which tends to have a negative connotation, and flipped it to have a positive meaning.

Through this, the two continue to gain a loyal following that’s welcomed into “FAKESIDE” and are known as the “FAKEFAM.” According to FAKE 0, this is a place with no boundaries.

DEEPFAKE spoke with EDM Maniac about their perspective on the word “fake,” where they drew inspiration from to build their identity, and an upcoming live instrument set at Groove Cruise Cabo 2022:

DEEPFAKE photo from the artist’s Facebook

EDM Maniac: Can you tell us more about this mysterious concept you follow through your name, style, and music? Why did you decide to take this route of mysteriousness?

FAKE 0: Anonymity is impossible in today’s world and protecting your true identity is very critical. We take a mysterious approach because we still live private lives. We’re not trying to be famous as humans.

Just like our live performances, the fashion element of our brand is very important to us as proponents of change and defining the system. We think fast fashion is a trend that needs to leave. Everything needs to go back to having intent, hand-touch design and needs to be made with love.

FAKE 1: The industry, in general, is a lot about who’s performing, and I think the reason that we really started this was to bring it back to the music and the art. It’s not about the face behind it.

EDM Maniac: Where did the name, “DEEPFAKE” derive from and what is the “FAKESIDE?” 

FAKE 0: The name, “DEEPFAKE” is derived from the original word “Deepfake Technology,” which is all about creating what is real and what is fake. [You’re] imagining someone else’s face and someone else’s vocals, but it’s not really them.

FAKE 1: Sometimes it’s hard to discern with technology what is real and what is fake. So, I think our brand is shining a mirror, a reflection of that onto society.

[This] is a collective movement. As we’ve grown with the project, I’ve seen more and more of our FAKEFAM recognizing each other. Whether we’re there or not, they’re forming a community. It’s a way for people to identify.

FAKE 0: The “FAKESIDE,” is a realm where space and time cease to have boundaries. You find yourself floating into total imagination.

DEEPFAKE photo from the artist’s Facebook

EDM Maniac: Your fashion style plays a big role in your identity and you decided to incorporate a new hyper-color into your look. What drew you to make this change?

FAKE 0: In the razzle design of DEEPFAKE, we actually have three iterations we’ve designed. There’s the traditional mono-color representing the rave aesthetic, the techno, and the feel of Detroit.

We’ve now expanded and created a hyper-color version of the razzle, which focuses on groove, house music, disco, and vibrant colors. We also have a third category called “Stardust” razzle that we’re debuting at Groove Crusie Cabo 2022 with a new live instrument show.

That’s to exemplify that in the middle of the mono-color and the hyper-color, you have the stardust. The stardust that makes us all alive.

FAKE 1: The black and the white are what we were founded on. The industrial, Detroit techno, and gritty bass. Whereas the hyper-color is on the opposite end of the spectrum, and it’s a little bit more feel-good. [It’s] a bit more housey.

EDM Maniac: Knowing that the word “fake,” has a negative sentiment attached to it, how are you making it a positive one?

FAKE 0: We’ve created an identity [around] switching words. Where something that is known as “fake,” has a negative connotation, [is] now swapped. Now, being “fake” is the most real thing you can be.

FAKE 1: It’s almost a bit of a play on words. You’d think that saying “you’re fake,” or “that’s fake,” would be negative, but really, it means the people who understand and are part of the community get the full [meaning] behind it.

EDM Maniac: We heard about your renegades on Groove Cruise. What do y’all have planned for Groove Cruise Cabo 2022?

FAKE 0: The fakes have a special debut planned. We are launching our first “Stardust” razzle show with all live instruments that are going to be audio-visual reactive. This is going to be the show that tours around America in 2023, and you get to see it at Groove Cruise Cabo first!

FAKE 1: We’re working very closely with Groove Cruise to do a multi-day treasure hunt. The grand prize is going to be buried in Cabo for one lucky person to find if they follow the steps.

EDM Maniac: What’s the closest guess at your identity?

FAKE 1: There was a rumor going around that we were Gorgon City on Groove Cruise. Not going to say it’s wrong, but we’re going to keep them guessing. The funniest one I’ve heard is Subtronics and John Summit.

FAKE 0: It might be Gorgon City. We might not even be guys, you know? I think everyone might be a little off.

You’d be surprised to see what’s under the mask.

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