Dutch Government Extends Nightclub Closures Until November

The Dutch government recently announced nightclubs throughout The Netherlands will remain closed until at least October 31, 2021. This restriction will likely prevent Amsterdam Dance Event 2021 from occurring as the renowned techno celebration happens throughout Amsterdam every October.

The new directive comes as part of a large-scale reopening plan that affects every sector within the nation in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases.

Some other new strictures regarding the reopening include:

  • The end of social distancing in higher education institutes by August. Classes will be limited to 75 people and masks will continue to be worn indoors.
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars will continue to face midnight curfews until at least September 19.

Nightclubs and other public operations resumed fully on June 26, 2021, but there was a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases shortly after. Overall, the country saw a 500 percent rise in infections. In regards to music events specifically, Verknipt Festival in the Dutch city of Utrecht was linked to over 1,000 new cases.

In response to these new restrictions from the Dutch government, a coalition of live music entities are planning a nationwide protest on August 21, 2021 under the moniker “Unmute Us!”

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