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Festival Review: Countdown NYE 2021

Countdown NYE

Reviewing 2021’s Most Galactic Event: Countdown NYE

Insomniac’s Countdown NYE returned for another year since the pandemic. To celebrate being one of the last events of the year, Countdown NYE featured not one, but two days of fun! The EDM Maniac team had the privilege of attending Countdown NYE and here is how it went for us:


Like many holiday events, Countdown attracted a wide variety of people, in and outside of the rave community. Day 1 was packed full of people who wanted to party for NYE! It seemed as though every stage had crowds overflowing the tents to stay warm. Though many people were a blast to dance with, there was a lot of pushing and not a whole lot of “excuse me”s. The festival attendee count on Day 2 felt like it was cut in half compared to Day 1. There was more space to dance and people felt more welcoming.

Aliens at Countdown NYE 2021

Insomniac went all out this year for Countdown! First of all, there were dozens of aliens roaming the festival grounds. The aliens varied in appearance and were all in character. They were almost too good! There were also tons of activities and experiences for people to enjoy, such as the Red Light District, carnival rides, the Galaxy Mall, and more! Each stage was equipped with full production and even alien dancers! However, we were slightly disappointed that the Twilight Zone did not have anything special for the count down.

Rezz at Countdown NYE 2021

There was more dubstep/bass than other genres, but still lots for people to enjoy! The lineup featured headliners Rezz, Tiësto, deadmau5, RL Grime, and more! Unfortunately, a couple artists did not show, which disappointed many guests looking forward to their sets. There were also sound quality issues at the Mothership and Area 51. Many people complained about muffled sound at the Mothership and the sound fluctuating suddenly at Area 51. However, these problems were quickly fixed!

Countdown NYE 2021

There’s nothing extraordinary about the NOS Event Center. Parking and leaving the venue is always a hassle and there isn’t much going on surrounding the area. However, Insomniac transformed it into another world! There was extravagant decor that blew our expectations out of the park. We were all aware of how cold it was going to be during the event and Insomniac came to the rescue! There were heaters throughout the entire festival grounds and areas designed to keep you warm. The tents at every stage also helped keep everyone inside warm. Thanks, Insomniac!

Aliens in Red Light District at Countdown NYE 2021

Overall, Countdown was a wonderful way to ring in 2022! Despite some rude encounters and a couple of canceled sets, we had a spectacular time! This year’s Countdown NYE set a high standard for years to come. We can’t wait to see what else they’ll bring in next year. If you plan on going next year, remember to dress warm!

Festival Attendees at Countdown NYE 2021

It is important to note that this review is based on our experience and readers should be reminded that different people have varying experiences.


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