Get Your Freak On with FREAK ON

There’s nothing better than discovering new music – the feeling is akin to getting your first breathe of fresh air after being in the city for too long, or feeling the sun on your skin after being inside all day. The instant mood change, the tingle in your spine, the goosebumps running up and down your body – all of these symptoms are side effects resulting from finding that perfect new mix, album, track, or artist. In other words, it can make your body freak.

In this case, that feeling came from LA-based Portland native FREAK ON – a fresh face in the dance music scene who is taking each and every party by storm with his distinct take on g-house fueled party tech. Throw in some big booty  bass, a blend of dance music and hip-hop influences, and his own signature style and you’ve got FREAK ON.

Maybe you’ve caught one of his sets already, or maybe you haven’t had the pleasure yet – one thing’s for certain, if you see FREAK ON coming to a dance floor near you, you better clear your schedule because his bumping track selection is sure to make your body freak all night long.

Check out FREAK ON’s track “Juicy” in this Box of Cats compilation and if you like what you hear, make sure to explore his personal Soundcloud for more original tracks, remixes, and mixes to get your party started right.

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