HARD Events Going Overseas For ‘HARD Fest UK’ Festival

HARD Events has announced a brand new festival, HARDFest UK.

HARD Events has announced HARDfestUK, a brand new HARD event that will be taking place overseas. HARD is an internationally known music festival, music cruise, and concert brand that was founded back in 2007. The company is known for hosting HARD Summer Music Festival in Southern California and now, the company is packing up and getting ready to move overseas for HARDfestUK. The lineup has not been announced yet, but the festival claims the lineup will be revealed very soon. The festival has also not disclosed a location in the UK for the event.

HARD is an Insomniac-owned brand and Insomniac is partnered with Alda Events in Europe, so it’s very possible this event will be co-produced by both Insomniac and Alda powerhouses.

In order to be the first to find out the location of the festival and to see the lineup once it is announced, follow HARDfestUK.

Feature Photo – Doug Van Sant

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