Ibiza’s Biggest Nightclubs Will Not Be Opening This Year

Sad news today coming from the sunny party island of Ibiza. It has been announced that the Balearic Government will not allow nightclubs to open this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

The local newspaper in Ibiza, Diaro De Ibiza, says “…Establishments with a dance offer are likely not to be able to recover their activity this year. In the case of those who only offer music and their clients can remain seated, the possibility is opened of allowing them to return to work, but with very strict sanitary conditions and “reducing their hours.”

So while there is some possibility that some places that offer seated arrangements could potentially open, it’s a big no-go for the mega nightclubs that can not allow for strict social distancing. 

Ibiza’s party season typically starts in May and runs till October, and while the island will remain “open” for business (they have amazing restaurants, by the way!) the huge parties will be absent.

Ushuaia Ibiza, one of Ibiza’s largest open-air clubs, officially said they will not be opening this year due to the government regulations.

At this moment, only time will tell what long-term economic impact this will have on the island, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be far more empty this year.


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