Insomniac Celebrates 20 Years of Nocturnal Wonderland

20 years of Nocturnal Wonderland. That’s a milestone for any promoter, and a highlight for the entire team at Insomniac Events. I attended my first Nocturnal Wonderland when I was just 18. It’s awe-inspiring to see just how far Nocturnal and Insomniac have come over the years. Besides, EDC Las Vegas, you should get tickets to this festival. It’s three days long and celebrates an important part of our rave culture – 20 years of Nocturnal Wonderland parties.

You can bet the lineup will be spectacular.

Be sure to request your days off work RIGHT NOW so you can prepare for this epic event. Mark your calendar as Nocturnal Wonderland takes place Labor Day weekend – September 4th, 5th and 6th at the San Manuel Amphitheater and Grounds.

Tickets including camping passes will go on sale March 16th. Be a part of Insomniac history and get a ticket. For more information, visit

See you there!


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