JVNA And RayRay Collab For Empowering Melodic Vocal-Bass Track “Butterfly”

Yellow Claw’s Barong Family just tapped two powerhouse female producers from Taiwan, RayRay and JVNA, for a melodic vocal-bass track, “Butterfly.”

“Butterfly” is sung in both English and Mandarin and is an empowering piece in tribute to fans in Taiwan and Asia. The softer bass track builds until it reaches a powerful hit of trap and airy melodic chords, equal parts intense and emotional.

JVNA said about the track, “I wrote the ‘Butterfly’ with RayRay wanting to write a track that felt empowering to both of us. As female producers/DJs we’ve bonded over our experiences of being in a male-dominated industry and the feeling of needing to prove ourselves constantly. This song is about taking a leap of faith in pursuing our dreams, becoming the person we want to become, and succeeding in our goals.”

Butterflies is also a track from RayRay’s forthcoming debut album Unearthly World, adding “One of my favorite songs in the album. It’s definitely a unique combination between me and JVNA. It’s very interesting and fun to blend her airy music sound with my hard trap elements together.”

RayRay’s rise as a DJ has been swift due to her win of Red Bull’s Thre3style competition and her working with artists such as Skrillex, Yellow Claw, Steve Aoki, and Atmozfears.

JVNA was raised in California by Taiwanese immigrants and studied classical piano from the age of six. Her 2018 song “I’m With You,” inspired by her father’s death two years earlier, dared to dive deep into an emotional time, amassing over three million listens on Spotify.

Listen to “Butterfly” from JVNA and RayRay below:

Featured image from RayRay

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