Florida Lawmaker Introduces A Magic Mushrooms Bill

A Florida lawmaker is expected to introduce a bill sometime this week that will legalize mushrooms. Michael Grieco (who is a member of the Florida House of Representatives) is responsible for the first push of the bill. So far, this has been the first effort enacted to legalize mushrooms.

In an interview with Forbes, Grieco disclosed that “All this would be doing is creating a controlled environment, where folks can potentially address an issue. We should not be afraid of trying new things, especially if it’s controlled and safe.”

It will be interesting to see if states start passing bills to legalize mushrooms as they did for cannabis. Such items have major health benefits for some individuals and tend to have positive effects if used in a safe and controlled envrionments.

This new bill would legalize both access and consumption for individuals who have mental health problems as well as military veterans with PTSD.

Feature Photo – @cas1111
Source – Forbes

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