Kaskade Returns To Monstercat With New Single, ‘Closer’

Kaskade has just released a new single titled, ‘Closer,’ on Monstercat which will appear on the hit video game, Rocket League. The new single is full of vibey vocals and uplifting synths which helps create Kaskade’s vibrant new single. Kaskade will celebrate the launch of his new tune by hosting Rocket League’s Radio takeover of Fornite’s in-vehicle radio station.

This is the third single coming from Kaskade on Monstercat and Rocket League. The previous two singles included hits such as ‘Flip Reset’ and ‘Solid Ground.’ Over the last three years, Monstercat has partnered with Rocket League to release more than 90 songs from a plethora of mainstream artists that have amounted to over 400 million streams.

Stay tuned for Kaskade’s debut EP on Monstercat and all of Kaskade’s future releases.

Feature Photo –Insomniac 

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