Let’s Talk About Cancel Culture In The Dance Music Community

Cancel culture is one of the biggest buzzwords of our generation. The idea of cancel culture is something that strikes fear into the hearts of every brand, influencer, or artist that has any form of platform. For those who don’t know, cancel culture is the phenomenon of society withdrawing support of a public figure, brand, or piece of media that has done something that can be considered problematic or offensive. While the idea of not supporting someone that has done something wrong is not new, the degree to which it is sweeping the internet is.

The concept of cancel culture is the epitome of a double-edged sword. With the rise of social media, consumers have been given the power to control the world’s narrative like never before. We get to share our thoughts and stories, hold people accountable for their actions, and promote transparency from these giant entities that used to get the final say on everything. Little voices are given a platform that can reach across the entire world, and that is objectively beautiful.