Tritonal Release New Meditation Album

‘Reverence’ focuses on soothing, ambient meditation sounds

For many, quarantine was a time to explore new hobbies, develop new habits, and pursue various interests. For Tritonal, quarantine was a time to dive into an entirely new sound and theme, one the duo has never expressed before. Tritonal is usually known for their mainstage sounds and anthems, but this time they have switched things up with the release of the group’s 4th album.

Reverence‘ contains 14 tracks from Tritonal, all of which focus on soft, soothing sounds that will help listeners visualize and relax while meditating or focusing. The album released on Earth Day, which is absolutely perfect timing to release an album of this nature. All of the tracks on the album allow listeners to feel a sense of calm, which will ultimately help formulate the perfect meditation environment.

While COVID-19 swept the planet, Tritonal focused on the sounds that would make listeners feel one step closer to our home in the Universe, and have certainly done so with the release of their 4th album, ‘Reverence.’

Stream Tritonal’sReverence‘ below.

Feature Image – Rukes

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