Live Nation Donates $10M To Assist Crew Members Affected by COVID-19

The world’s largest concert promoter,  Live Nation, has announced something extravagant. As live music is the soul of their company, the crew members are the backbone of the organization. They have announced a charitable fund that will aid concert crews around the world. Announced on Tuesday, March 31st, The Crew Nation Fund will assist crew members impacted by COVID-19 which has widely affected concerts and festivals around the globe. A charitable nonprofit, Music Forward Foundation, will be administering this fund. 

Positions like tour manager, production manager, rigger, sound engineer, backline tech, lighting director/designers, special effect team, and carpenters will see benefits from this fund. Thus far, Live Nation has contributed $10 million of their money. Half of those donations are contributions that they’ve matched on behalf of their other donors. 

Concerts wouldn’t be possible without the crew working behind the scenes to bring them to life. To help out live music crews while concerts are on pause, LiveNation has committed $10 million to the #CrewNation,”

Live Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino

In addition, Live Nation is furthering this concept with a merchandise line for Crew Nation that includes shirts and sweaters where proceeds will directly go back into the fund. If you’re interested, click here to get yours.


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