Writer’s Picks: Our Most Listened Artists Of 2022

Pretty much every online media outlet is now biting Spotify and providing its own yearly roundup, and well, EDM Maniac is no different.

But since we’re a publication and not a cruel DSP tracking your every move (yes that’s what everyone is actually celebrating with their Spotify Wrapped) we instead are going to share the artists we listened to the most this year.

In the times before the digitally compiled summaries that devalue human beings as something with a numerical value, we all knew which artist defined our year.

The soundtrack to all those memories that will persist with or without recorded evidence on a mobile device. That one voice, or guitar style, or production aesthetic that became (or remained) a part of who we are.

The artists below are the EDM Maniac writing team’s artists of the year. Listening to them may just give you a glimpse into who we are. We hope you enjoy.


The Last Goodbye was the soundtrack of the summer. After five years of anxiously waiting for an album, ODESZA fans reveled in their newfound masterpiece.

My top listened artist this year, of course, is ODESZA. I have been a fan of the group since their In Return album was released in 2014, and this was finally the year I saw them in person.

Shortly after the release of the album I was fortunate to attend the opening weekend of their stadium tour in Seattle. Yes, I cried… many times. If there was any artist to be in my number one spot, I am proud that it is ODESZA. – Merinah Buller, Editorial Writer

2. DJ Seinfeld

The melodies of DJ Seinfeld were the soundtrack to my 2022. His way of producing lofi-house music puts me in a present state. Somewhat of a trance. It’s heavy, yet danceable. It can be emotional and dreamy. It makes me want to dance with friends, or throw a hoodie on a vibe out on my own.

I’m just a big fan of his work. A great example that encapsulates the former—and I suggest readers to listen to it—is his track “How U Make Me Feel.” – Paloma Abarca, Editorial Writer/MANIAC BLVCK Content Specialist

3. Gorgon City

Gorgon City is everything I love about dance music: powerful, emotional, and fun. Their 2021 album Olympia is absolutely perfect and contains no skips whatsoever. – Danielle Levy, Senior News Writer

4. Lane 8

My most listened artist this year was Lane 8. His music has got me through some parts of life this year where it’s been the most challenging. My number-one song for 2022 is definitely “The Rope.”
I have also had the chance to see him perform multiple times in 2022 and that’s something I’m grateful for. I also listen to a lot of his music when I am working as it’s super chill. – Jobby Kurian, Staff Writer

5. Armin Van Buuren

As a trance junkie, I’ve loved  Armin’s music since I started going to festivals. It’s no surprise that Armin came out at the top of my Spotify Wrapped list this year because I streamed his live set from EDC Las Vegas nonstop this summer! – Federica BrandiEditorial Writer

6. Surma

I had the absolute pleasure of spending half of the year venturing into some of the most beautiful places in Europe, and Surma’s music was the soundtrack of the entire journey.

Probably because I had the pleasure of standing next to her while we watched St. Vincent in Oxford back in June.

Definitely because then I traveled to her home country of Portugal and shot photos of her when she was performing live in Lisbon. She also just released her new album, alla, this year. It’s the best of 2022 for sure. – Harry Levin, Managing Editor

Written by
Harry Levin

Hi my name is Harry Levin. I live in LA and I'm an absolute lover of music.

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