Open Position: Social Media Coordinator

EDM Maniac is seeking THREE individuals to manage, grow and develop our following Social Media networks: Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The ideal candidate should have a very strong understanding of social media, discovering viral content and must be a creative thinker that requires little guidance.

Do you like to keep up to date with viral videos, memes and new music? Help us identify what’s trending within the dance music community and develop content and ideas based on what’s popular. This job allows you to use your creative hat and share what’s trending in real-time with our social media communities. We’re looking for you to help grow our channels but be content-focused. At EDM Maniac, we obsess over quality rather than quantity. We pay little attention to how many “likes” or “followers” we have, but instead focus on delivering exceptional and top-notch content not seen anywhere else. We’re looking for people in the exact same mindset.

Do you attend EDM events regularly? Do you take awesome photos or have amazing ideas that you’d like to share with the EDM community? The ideal candidate will have a burning desire to share their real-life experiences with our social media communities. We’ll even send you to some of the world’s best dance music events to share your experience with our community.

This job is paid and is part-time. We expect a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week with bi-weekly updates (see below) and a daily hot sheet of what’s viral and what you’re working on. You must be able to commit at least 15 hours a week and must be able to identify and report with what’s trending (news, viral content) on social media. This position requires your attention to viral content websites, other dance music outlets and all social media platforms.

TO APPLY: send your resume and links of your previous work (examples of social media posts) and what social media network you’d like to spearhead (snapchat, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest) to Please include all your current social media profiles.


The opportunity:

• Develop innovative/creative/original media content across your assigned social media platform

• Reports directly to the founder, and collaborates with our editors to ensure a cohesive social media identity

• Propose creative strategies and ideas for engaging social campaigns

• Create and maintain relevant social media accounts

• Setup daily tasks and activity for your assigned social media outlet

• Keep track of current social media trends and what our competition is doing.

• Deliver bi-weekly reports with statistics and results for each account

• Attend events as assigned and update our social media in real-time

The ideal candidate will have:

• Passion for and knowledge of the dance music community

• A strong knowledge of social media platforms and how they operate

• Ability to problem solve and meet deadlines

• Strong professional communication skills

• Warm, enthusiastic personality

• Creative vision, strategic thinker

• Prior blogging experience is a plus but not required if your personality and social media presence kicks ass.

Thanks for your interest in joining the EDM Maniac team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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