Paul Kalkbrenner Shares “Episode Two” Dates For New Live Show

Techno pioneer, Paul Kalkbrenner, will continue to tour his new live show, Episode Two, into Fall 2021 with new dates. These recent additions will see him travel to the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, and Denmark to perform his theatrical concept project.

Kalkbrenner, who is well known for his innovative live sets, has been developing this show for over 18 months. He compares it more to broadway stage production that a music concert, utilizing intuitive lighting and production to showcase new music he is performing for the first time.

Episode Two tour dates will also include screenings of Hannes Stoehr’s 2008 film surrounding the Berlin club scene, Berlin CallingKalkbrenner is the star of the film, and he also produced the Platinum-selling soundtrack. Attendees of these screenings will get to see Stoehr’s previously unreleased ‘2021 Club Edit’ of the film.

Full dates for the Paul Kalkbrenner Episode Two Tour are below. For tickets and information head the tour’s website.

Featured Image By Olaf Heine

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