SFX Entertainment Creditor Matrix Reveals Outstanding Debts

With it’s recent filing for bankruptcy, EDM event producer SFX Entertainment has been under the microscope of many musical and financial analysts. Just last week the company announced that CEO/Chairman Robert Sillerman would be stepping down, as chief restructuring officer Michael Katzenstein will hold the CEO title through the process. Now we learn more specifics of what outstanding debts have contributed to the SFX downfall, including which of the company’s creditors are waiting on deferred purchase price payments…

According to IQ magazine, a 476-page creditor matrix revealed that “11 of SFX’s 13 largest ‘non-insider’ creditors – that is, ones which aren’t associated with the company’s founder and former CEO, Robert FX Sillerman – are the owners of some of the many companies purchased by the now-bankrupt EDM promotion giant since its founding in 2012.” The document also acknowledges that while SFX may be sitting on $661.614 million in assets, debts totaling $490.236 million remain. On the list of creditors? Alda Events, the promotor behind Amsterdam Music Festival, owed $23.6 million. The creators of the Electric Zoo festival series, Made Events, is waiting on $10 million while Spring Awakening organizers React Presents is looking for their $5.8 million. Smaller trade creditors like VistaJet (private air-charter firm) and CrowdRX (medical services company) are listed as well, who are also owed $1 million or less.


EDM fans and financial investors are all hoping for an optimistic end to these darker times for the event production company. In October of 2013 SFXE stock shares were valued at $13, while this past January ended with a share value of just 13¢ [shown above]. For more details on SFX creditors, the outstanding amounts owed to them, and more; check out the original article with IQ here.

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