Support The SpiritFlag: “The First High Quality Wearable Flag Ever”

Festival season is in full swing, and most of us attending these events enjoy the opportunity to express our creativity and personality in ways that are far less conventional than in our day to day life. Raving has always centered around the music, but also a judgement free community for self-expression. From fluffies to LED shoes, many fashion trends have developed within the EDM scene. But a new product out on Kickstarter from Vegas-based company, Shirtwascash, may just be the most versatile article of clothing that needs be in everyone’s closet.

Introducing, The SpiritFlag
Flags have remained a staple in the dance music community for years now. Whether they represent a nation or a sports team, an internet meme or an inside joke, flags are everywhere at every music festival. One drawback however, is that while flags are fun to sport in the moment, they tend to be a burden when you’re not using them. So, Shirtwascash has developed an incredible solution that redefines being “multi-functional,” called the SpiritFlag! Aside from being a full-scale standard flag (58″ x 32.5″), the customizable garment can be worn as a “cloak, poncho, scarf, under-garment, cape, outerwear, cosplay, summer top, and more.” With 2 wrist straps, a large draw-string hood, premium fabric and a hidden pocket, the SpiritFlag is quite possibly the most innovative design on the market today.

Total Customization
Perhaps the best part of the SpiritFlag experience though, is the customization! Shoppers can use a mockup tool to pick from Shirtwascash designs, or they can create their own from scratch. Shirtwascash uses sublimation printing, a new trend in the fashion industry that has changed apparel production. Creating a way for customers to display their “true authentic self,” their are no limitations on colors or image size. They can upload images, add text, and make adjustments accordingly. And, each SpiritFlag is handmade in Las Vegas!


Support the SpiritFlag Kickstarter
Are you already obsessed with the SpiritFlag?! Well, Shirtwascash can use your help! Supporting and sharing this Kickstarter will help Shirtwascash to grow as a company, fulfill an increasing demand, and assist with new product development. There are multiple tiers and rewards for investors, allowing anyone to participate in the campaign. If you’re interested in contributing to the introduction of this awesome new addition to the world of rave apparel and festival gear, please take a moment to support the SpritFlag Kickstarter here. Or take a look at the Kickstart video below for more information on the campaign:

Behind the Shirtwascash company…
was founded 2 years ago by Ardon Lukasiewicz from the laptop in his bedroom. As a corporate employee, having several failed startups, he was inspired by a reddit post called “4chan designs some shirts.” Ardon decided to put together a survey to see which designs people wanted most, and from there he quit his job and started Shirtwascash. Prior to the SpiritFlag, the company developed it’s reputation as a user-submitted clothing production platform.

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