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Festival Report Card: Nocturnal Wonderland 2022

Nocturnal Wonderland is Insomniac’s longest-running festival with over 25 years of music under its belt. The first edition was held all the way...

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6 Tips For The Smoothest Nocturnal Wonderland 2022 Experience

Nocturnal Wonderland is a unique beast in the Southern California Insomniac festival collection. As one of the brand’s only camping festivals and one...

Nocturnal Wonderland 2021
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Dancing Under The Full Moon; Nocturnal Wonderland Festival Review

It’s been a week since headliners gathered to celebrate Nocturnal Wonderland’s 25th edition under the full moon at Glen Helen Regional Park in...

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Nocturnal Wonderland 2019: Goodbye San Manuel. We’ll Miss You [Gallery]

The 24th edition of Nocturnal Wonderland just passed. After over two decades of music and dancing, this festival has been through it all....


3 Things to Look Forward to at Nocturnal Wonderland 2017

Nocturnal Wonderland returns to Glen Helen Regional Park to celebrate another year as Insomniac’s oldest and longest running festival with a fresh, new...

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Insomniac Presents The “New” Nocturnal

Tickets are now on sale for the 22nd edition of Nocturnal Wonderland. The festival will offer camping as it has in the past,...