Things To Do When Attending A Festival Alone

If you haven’t been to a festival alone, I recommend you trying it. It can be intimidating going alone, especially if it’s your first time. Going to a festival solo can bring you a different insight and an unforgettable experience, despite feeling some nervousness in the beginning.

When attend a music festival solo you have the ability to create your own experience according to your own tastes. You don’t have to worry about missing out on someone you want to see because your friends would rather watch someone else. You’ll be fully free to roam around the grounds and take advantage of the opportunities present.

You could learn more about yourself and make new friends with all the freedom you will have! Read below for tips on what you should if you are attending a festival alone and make it as enjoyable as possible:

1. Put Your Phone Away

I know this one can be tough since most of us glued to our phone at all times. It’s even more tough when you are by yourself and you feel the need to pull out your phone however, staying glued to your phone makes you less approachable. People don’t feel comfortable approaching someone who looks busy or interested in something else on their phone.

So put your phone away and live in the moment! The reason you’re at a festival is for the experience so do that. Most people don’t get good phone service at festivals anyway so save some battery life. Avoid constantly using your phone by exploring the festival grounds, checking out the art, and exploring stages.

2. Be Open Minded

Rather than close yourself off, open up and be open minded. High five someone, give out free hugs and this will typically lead to a dance party or a conversation. Don’t be afraid to approach people. Everyone is there for the same reason you are, to have an awesome time and create memories and fun experiences. Wear something fun too! A funny or creative outfit often times leads to conversation starters.

3. Talk To Someone

When you go alone, talking to someone and approaching them can be intimidating. It’s easier said than done unless you are one of those people who are very social and comfortable doing that. No one will know you are there alone unless you tell them. Most likely you’ll be adopted into someone’s group for the night and create lifelong friends. The opportunity to meet new friends is tenfold. Wandering at an event also gives you the opportunity to network and make valuable connections. You never know what can happen!

4. Make Your Own Schedule

Being able to make your own schedule is a great feeling. You can arrive whenever you want, you can leave whenever you want, eat whenever, go potty whenever, etc. You won’t have to miss your favorite artist because your group wasn’t interested and missing out for that reason sucks. Also, there are more to festivals than music too so checking out art, workshops, and other interactive experiences is something you don’t have to worry about missing out either. So much freedom!

5. Focus On The Music

Have you ever been stuck at a stage with music you’re not feeling? Sometimes we like to stick with our friends even if we don’t like the music playing because you don’t want to be the odd one out of the group. Rolling solo allows you to check out your favorite artists, discover new ones, and move freely between stage to stage. Going from stage to stage with a large group of friends can be difficult but when you are alone this is much easier.

When you are able to enjoy your favorite artist without worrying about friends  you focus on the music better. Losing myself to the music is one of my favorite things to do. I put in my earplugs and  tune out the conversations around me for a bit and just feel the music.

So if you’re an avid festival goer and haven’t been to a festival by yourself yet, I hope these tips help. Take a risk and embrace the freedom you will have! I highly recommend it.

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