Tiësto Collaborates With Ava Max On The New Party Banger, “The Motto”

Sometimes artists need to make a straight-up party anthem, and that’s what Tiësto and Ava Max did with their new shared single, “The Motto.” With a hook like “Drop a few bills and pop a few champagne bottles/Throwing that money like you just won the lotto,” there is no need to delve into the purpose of this track. Throw it on when the party is at its highest and get the dancefloor moving.

The release of the single also comes with a brand new music video that fits the lyrics perfectly. Max finds herself in an elevator that becomes a time machine, transporting her back to 1927. She emerges from the elevator ready to party, which is initially offputting to the refined guests. However, her bratty confidence is welcomed by Tiësto and soon everyone is on the dance floor.

Watch the music video for “The Motto” below:

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