Virgin Hotels & Élia Beach Club Shine Bright During EDC Week

It all seems like a distant memory being almost two weeks ago now, but we can’t help but remember all of the good times and beautiful energy we experienced at the newly opened Virgin Hotels (former Hard Rock) in Las Vegas.

The Virgin Hotel Las Vegas is a beautiful and intimate experience right off the strip that was perfect for our EDC weekend. While the hotel was completely booked, the hotel is one of the smaller ones that provides a more boutique and relaxed feel. It provides a break from the hustle and bustle of a lot of the big resorts and allows you to truly relax. The hotel embraces warm and inviting tones and none of the crazy flashing lights or noises you see at the hotels on the strip. Its casual, modern facelift gives you a “welcome home” feel, which was perfect for us after being away from Vegas during the pandemic.

We were so happy to stay at Virgin Hotels because it is also home to the brand-new Élia Beach Club! Élia is one of the most beautiful dayclub venues we have seen in Vegas and is reminiscent of a Mediterranean beach club (sand and all included). The relaxed, bohemian-Mykonos-inspired design transports you out of this world and onto the beautiful idyllic beaches abroad. The main stage is made of straw and the design throughout reminds of a sustainable and elegant beach oasis. We were presently surprised by the sand leading into the pool, the aesthetically pleasing furniture, and the overall ambiance. To top it off, the weekend featured some of the biggest names in dance music including trance icons Above & Beyond and EDM maven Deadmau5.

If you’re looking to relax, RESET at Élia Beach Club is a morning wellness program that is full of stretching, meditation, and mindful activities. It’s great to see wellness play its own role at the hotel and we highly recommend it. It’s not something you see often in Vegas, so we were pleasantly surprised to see the RESET activities.

For those looking for a relaxed stay in Vegas, Virgin Hotel Las Vegas has it all. Virgin’s renovation will welcome you home with open arms and Élia Beach Club will transport you to relaxing beach scenery. We enjoyed every moment of our stay during EDC Week 2021 and look forward to being back. Take a look at some of our favorite photos from the weekend below!

Photo Credit: Alex Jerome/ Élia Beach Club


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