Tomorrowland Bracelets Are The Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today

It’s the most magical time of the year.

Festival season is in full swing and fans from all over the world are traveling far and wide to get their festival fix. One festival on the top of many lists: Tomorrowland. One of the most sought-out festivals in the world known for its immersive festival experience is going down in just a few short weeks in Boom, Belgium.

As a sign of the magic to come, many lucky Tomorrowland attendees have started to receive their festival bracelets. This year’s theme invites fans to journey to the “Secret Kingdom of Melodia” and what better way to welcome fans to this enchanted world than a musical surprise in the mail.

Inside a beautifully crafted box with this year’s Tomorrowland bracelet is a mechanism which plays music. Yes, you heard that correctly. Wonderfully enchanting music plays from the Tomorrowland box. See for yourself below!

Tomorrowland once again proves why this festival is one of the best of its class in the world, with it’s tenacious attention to details.

Tomorrowland kicks off July 24 and you can almost certainly expect more magical surprises in the coming weeks as we get closer to the main event.

Video credit: @edm4l (Instagram)

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