Our favorite moments from the crazy and amazing TomorrowWorld

By now you’ve probably read all the crazy stories from TomorrowWorld. You’ve read about how thousands of attendees were left without transportation, the rain and muddy campsites and the even the closure of the festival to non-campers on the final day of the festival. However, you probably haven’t read or seen some of the crazy and amazing people of TomorrowWorld. Let’s introduce you to them, and some of our very favorite magical moments:

To start, let’s be real. This is probably what you think people at TomorrowWorld looked like after four days of partying in the mud.

Rightfully so, because there was a lot of mud. 
Carly Mearman

Photo: Carly Mearman / Facebook

 But people made the best of it. Like this guy:


Photo: Unknown/Facebook


And these girls:


Photo: Unknown/Facebook

On the last day, hay was put down was because the mud was so bad. There was a lot of hay.


Photo: Unknown/Facebook

The hay didn’t stop anyone from dancing or from studying for next week’s exam.

Michael Perez‎

Photo: Michael Perez/Facebook

There were even some art majors in Dreamville that made some amazing art out of glowsticks.


Photo: Unknown/Facebook

Speaking of Dreamville, we met this couple! They were so cute. He said he went to Woodstock 69 and had to check out TomorrowWorld.


Photo: Devin Lezama/Facebook

There were a lot crazy of costumes in wandering Dreamville. Like this guy:

Salvador Delarosa‎

Photo: Salvador Delarosa/Facebook

And this guy:

Scott King‎

Photo: Scott King/Facebook

And um… this?

Chez McGavock‎

Photo: Chez McGavock/Facebook

Thankfully, these nuns blessed all the ratchets.

Thomas Hughey‎

Photo: Thomas Hughey/Facebook

And Jesus.

Photo: Kolby Harris/Facebook

Back in the festival, these cosplay costumes were blowing minds.


Photo: Steven G. Ibarra /Facebook

Also blowing our minds: this. You never know who you would see at TomorrowWorld. There were different people around every corner.

daniel hersh

Photo: Daniel Hirsch/Facebook

Even a wild Dora was getting down.

Jason Ngo

Photo: Jason Ngo/Facebook

This ripped caveman/thing, too.

Diego Mendez‎

Photo: Diego Mendez/Facebook

Who knew four days could go so fast? We kept thinking:

Amanda Neve

Photo: Amanda Neve/Facebook

We saw a lot of beautiful moments that we wish only the media showed too:

Roland Salguero

Photo: Roland Salguero/Facebook

But we suppose that’s all a part of TomorrowWorld’s magic.

Photo: Enfrain Mendoza/Facebook

You just had to be there.

Photo: TomorrowWorld/Facebook

Many people had the time of their lives and met many new friends.

Photo: Unknown/Facebook

And we’d do it all again.


Photo: Unknown/Facebook

Because life is made of moments like these. Until next year, TomorrowWorld! 

Photo: TomorrowWorld/Facebook

Is your picture featured without the proper credit? Let us know by emailing info@edmmaniac.com!

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