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Groove Cruise Veterans Give Advice to Groove Cruise Virgins

The final countdown is underway to Groove Cruise Los Angeles 2015! This will be my first time on a cruise – and my first Groove Cruise. I’ve gone to nearly every major festival in America, and have no clue what I’m really getting into for this adventure. My friends are GC Vets, and finally convinced me to get on board. Literally.

Like most GC Virgins, I’ve gone through countless videos on YouTube so I can get a taste of what Groove Cruise is all about. However, the videos will not compare to the words and advice from actual Groove Cruise Vets! So, I asked them to give me their biggest piece of advice for a GC Virgin – and the most important item to pack. Here is a look at their advice:

Raymond S. – PACK ON SUNDAY!!!! The worst thing is raging through the night until sunrise, and dragging your lack of energy having ass, back to your room; only to realize you don’t have the strength to pack, so you leave a whole bunch of shit behind.

Erin A. – Pace yourself on the alcohol. Take naps or sleep for at least a few hours a day‬. Drink water. And eat at least once a day because u might forget

Jake C. – Ear plugs and sunscreen! Two things to make sure you don’t leave home without! Pace yourself too… remember… marathon, not a sprint.

Lindsay G. – Dress up for the themes! It makes the experience even better!

Larkin O. – Pack all of your costumes in ziploc bags and label them!! Way easier to make quick changes, especially when you’ve been drinking. Don’t talk during the muster- the quicker everyone gets there and listens, the quicker it’s over. Bring a drink or two.

Casey H. – Power naps!

Brent B. – After you board, walk the entire ship and find all of the various stages, the Jellyfish lounge, the restaurants, and anything else you might possibly want to see. At night and after a few drinks, it’s easy to get disoriented on the ship and you can waste valuable party time looking for your friends or your favorite DJ. In the event you do get lost, just go with it and make friends wherever you happen to be at the moment

Nikki K. – Don’t wear heels, not matter how cute they are! If you plan to carry your phone around for pics, label it with your name and room number. Pay with cash only in Mexico.

Artemisa G. – Don’t forget ear plugs and a blindfold because everyone sleeps at different hours and it helps to have these item during day napping.

Dave M. – Like at a festival have a plan of the DJs you want to see but don’t get too worried if you don’t stick to it… You will find yourself somewhere you didn’t expect listening to someone you might not have cared to see and absolutely loving it! Or with GCFAM having the time of your life eating street tacos in Ensenada lol

I hope this advice from seasoned Groove Cruise Vets helps anyone who is going for the first time, like myself!

Groove Cruise Los Angeles sets sail October 23rd from Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico! The theme parties for GCLA are: Represent, Naughty Nautical, DTF: Down to Fiesta, 50 Shades of Disney, Neon Candyland and Halloween on the High Seas!

Although Groove Cruise LA sold out months ago, you can still get onboard Groove Cruise Miami. This party departs Miami for Jamaica on January 22nd. For more information check out:

You can save $50 with the code EDMMANIAC. I can’t wait to party with everyone on Groove Cruise LA!

See you there!


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Emmy award winning tv news producer by day - raver by night.

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  • On top of the Luggage Tags that you need to tape to the handle, would highly
    suggest printing out some extra Luggage Tags. And simply taping them with Clear
    Tape on the front of the Check in Luggage. Tags can sometimes rip

    My friend tags ripped off last year – and we had to wait 8 Hours to track
    down her Check in. Kept going back to the room every hour to see if it
    would pop up. We found it ourselves in this HUGE Luggage pile. Luggage
    with partially or completely ripped off Tags ended up near the front
    desk. They become Luggage with no Cabin Destination.

    So please take whatever you need in the first 8 Hours in your Carry On
    bags. Change of clothes. Makeup, maybe even the first Costume for the

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