UNTOLD Music Festival in Romania Breaks Record

It’s already been a week since the fourth edition of UNTOLD festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania has closed it’s doors. Numbers continue to trickle in as the days continue. In total, 355,000 attendees came to celebrate while breaking their record last year of 90,000.

As there are other many famous events in Europe, UNTOLD is hastily climbing to the ranks as A-list artists continue to dominate the stages. It was a feat when Steve Aoki claimed his set was a life changing experience as well as  the Black Eyed Peas making a verbal commitment that UNTOLD won’t be a secret of Eastern Europe for much longer. They hope for this experience to be within reach for everyone around the world.

A huge hit over the weekend was the unforgettable seven hour set done by none other than Armin Van Buuren. As he performed in front of around 65,000 people, this performance was the longest extended set done at UNTOLD by him in history.

We can’t wait to see what next year brings. Click here to register for UNTOLD 2019.

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