On November 1st, music festivals will be taken to a whole new dimension – literally. With the advent of an entire dance music festival presented in stunning high-energy 3D, the generic music festival lineup will never be quite the same. Once the glasses go on, their senses will be immersed in the 3D visuals surrounding the stage transforming them from an audience into participants.

The 3DM concept employs the power of multiple screens secured above and all around a concert venue, such that the intensity of a light show literally envelops the room. Imagine the experience of being in a dance club as onstage DJs rock the house, with lights swirling and pulsating—only in this incarnation, three-dimensional visuals from a staggering hundreds of LED light panels transform the night into a seeming live-action geometric kaleidoscope of catapulting, chatoyant, flashing full-color lights that literally permeate the audience.

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