13 Facts About EDC Every Fan Should Know

We are so close to returning under the electric sky! Only one day left where headliners from all over the world unite at one of the biggest electronic dance music parties, EDC Las Vegas.

Below are 13 facts about EDC we think you should know!

1. Since 2011, EDC Las Vegas has hosted over 2.1 million attendees.

2. Over 240 costumed performers can be found throughout the festival grounds.

3. 225 legal weddings have been performed at EDC Las Vegas.

4. Over 4,000 gallons of propane are used to power EDC Las Vegas’ hundreds of flame units.

5. The Boombox Art Car isn’t just a stage on wheels…it’s street legal!

6. Approximately 9,400 fireworks are set off over the three nights of the festival.

7. Fans from over 96 countries attend EDC Las Vegas each year. That’s almost half of all the countries in the world.

8. 375,000 square feet of temporary structures were created for EDC Las Vegas 2016.

9. 24 full-size carnival rides dot the landscape of the festival grounds.

10. 74 unique pieces of interactive art have been especially commissioned for EDC Las Vegas.

11. EDC Las Vegas 2016 produced 9.6M watts of electricity over 3 days. That’s enough to power 3,250 homes.

12. The magma flame cannon at the bassPOD stage shoots a stream of fire 180 feet high – the largest fire structure at EDC Las Vegas.

13. The giant disco ball hanging in neonGARDEN is 10 feet in diameter and weighs 1,200 pounds.

Remember,  if you are unable to go this year you can always catch over 100 artists on the live stream this weekend via Red Bull TV. Check out the schedule HERE.

Source: Red Bull TV

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