Alesso Releases ‘PROGRESSO VOL. 2’

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‘PROGRESSO VOL. 2’ is a sequel to Alesso’s 2019 mixtape, ‘PROGRESSO VOL. 1’

Alesso is back as the Grammy nominated producer has released ‘PROGRESSO VOL. 2‘ which is composed of two unique tracks, ‘TOGETHER’ and ‘AGAIN.’ The tracks are euphoric and inspirational, and have been released at the perfect time, just about a month before Alesso’s Skylight Row Los Angeles performances on July 23 and July 24. Tickets for Alesso’s Skylight Row Los Angeles performances can be purchased here.

PROGRESSO VOL. 2‘ is the second installment of Alesso’s ‘PROGRESSO’ series which started in 2019 when Alesso released ‘PROGRESSO’ and ‘CONFESSION.’ Both tracks accumulated more than 233,000 streams just on SoundCloud and have appeared in a few of Alesso’s recent livestreams.

Earlier this year, Alesso released sleek electro-pop single ‘Going Dumb‘ which immediately became a fan favorite. The track featured Chinese singer and producer, CORSAK, which showcased Alesso’s creativity and commitment to making music.

PROGRESSO VOL.2‘ has been asked about by fans for some time now, and is finally available to be streamed on all platforms by clicking here or can be listened to below. Let us know your thoughts on ‘PROGRESSO VOL.2‘ in the comments!

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