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Hi i'm Merinah! Electronic music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a household that pumped techno daily, which is where my love for EDM began. Now, I am a lover of techno, house, DnB, bass music and everything in between. I hope to share that passion with all of you!

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TikTok EDM Maniac EDC LV

How TikTok Has Affected The Global EDM Scene

In recent years, TikTok has successfully dominated the attention spans of billions of dopamine-hungry minds from all over the world. We open the...

Tomas Serrano EDM Maniac

Interview: Getting To Know Tomas Serrano, The Face Behind NEW LIFE

Tomas Serrano, also known professionally as DJ IDeaL, has been a critical player in the southern California EDM scene for over two decades....

EDC Mexico - EDM Maniac

5 International Festival Travel Tips You Need To Know

Festival season is right around the corner, and while the USA is home to some wild events, some of the best festivals in...

Beyonce Wins Dance/Electronic Album Grammy

Will Beyoncé Be The Next Big EDM Superstar? The Grammys Seem To Think So

So there is good news and bad news. The bad news is electronic dance music producers were (yet again) disregarded at the 65th...


Interview: Blueprint’s 25th Anniversary – Their Wins, Struggles, and What’s Next

Vancouver’s events and hospitality company, Blueprint, just celebrated its 25th anniversary. From humble beginnings to wild successes, Blueprint has had a major impact...


Rave Responsibly – Break The Stigma In The Scene

Growing up, I was raised by a wildly passionate woman. She is an artist in more ways than one, and always inspired me...