Boogie T and Squnto Strike Back

Boarcrok on Strike Back Tour

Savage Sound of BOARCROK Roars into the Dubstep World

The Kaprosuchus, more commonly known as a BoarCroc, was a terrifying prehistoric creature. Growing to be over 20 feet long, the massive Boar-Crocodile...


8 Reasons Why You Need to See Boogie T and SQUNTO Strike Back

Dubstep had it coming… and there are a few cities who have already got it. Boogie T (Brock Thornton) and SQUNTO pronounced skwun-toe (Eric...

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5 Bass DJs Whose 2017 Momentum Will Carry Into 2018

2017 was another great year for bass music. We were blessed with Lost Lands from the bass gods, many of our favorite artists...