Black Artists Database

Black Bandcamp Rebrands As ‘Black Artists Database’

Black Artists Database (B.A.D.) will broaden its focus to include journalism, visual art, + more ‘Black Artists Database’ is a community-driven platform whose...


Winter Music Conference Releases Virtual Dates & Schedule

The first virtual edition of the Winter Music Conference will be held May 20-21 The Winter Music Conference is the longest-running music conference...


Meet Eclectic Events – Central California’s Rising Event Promoter

Eclectic Events has always been a hands-on team that has worked tirelessly to build a stronger dance music community in California’s Central Valley...


3 Ways Technology Can Revolutionize The Dance Music Industry

Growing up, many of us watched these shows where there were flying cars, holographic phones, regular people in space, and a bunch of...


Defected Records To Host 24 Hour Livestream For Mental Health

Defected Records has announced that they will be hosting a 24-hour live stream dedicated to a mental health charity known as, ‘MIND.’ Defected...


Soundcloud Remains Optimistic Despite Negative Financial Reports

When you think of the global music streaming platform that is Soundcloud, you might assume that money would be the least of it’s concerns. However,...