Hi! I'm Federica, I'm a writer, world traveler, and above all, I'm a dance music lover. The communities, culture, history and free expression I've encountered through raving and the world of EDM inspire me to explore the scene far and wide and to share all the stories I encounter along the way. If you see me at a show come say hi and trade kandi!

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What Changes Are In Store For The PNW Rave Scene?

In many ways, the tole of the PNW rave community in today’s dance music scene speaks to the role of music as both...

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HARD PNW 2022 Shakes Up The Northwest EDM Scene

HARD Fest‘s newest production made a strong entrance in the Pacific Northwest with a talent-packed lineup, enthusiastic crowds, and hours of dancing for...

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CREED’s “Higher” Gets Tech House Edit From Roy LaCroix And Dance Armstrong

California-based DJ/producers Roy LaCroix and Dance Armstrong take us “higher” with a modern tech-house take on Creed’s late 9os anthem.  Released on Hood...

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HARD PNW 2022: Meet the Artists

Festival Season 2022 is officially here, and in the advent of a post-pandemic live music renaissance, the Pacific Northwest is seeing several new...