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"I've heard of one song.....it's called Skrillex?"

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EDM Events/ Concerts

New Hotel Elsewhere Dates Announced

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the Home Bass and STS9 teams have postponed Hotel Elsewhere to December 4-7th, 2020. This decision...


III Points Drops Otherworldly 2020 Lineup

May 1-2 at Mana Wynwood in Miami is looking hot and heavy with talent as 7th edition alternative music and arts festival III...

EDM Maniac Plus

Here’s What Happened When I Brought My Mom To An EDM Event

We’ve all been there, waving goodbye to our parents as we embark on yet another epic adventure into the unknown depths of the...

EDM Events/ Concerts

Listen To Your Heart at Heart Festival This Weekend in Wynwood

With Art Basel in full swing down in the South of the South, the rebirth of Heart Nightclub Miami looms on the horizon...


How Dance Music United My Brother and I Amidst Tragedy

To some, electronic dance music is a hobby, to some, a party, and to some, a massive influence. I belong to the group...


Our Journey Through EDC Orlando 2019

When Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando announced that they were adding a third day at no extra cost to Headliners, the crowd went wild,...