This Rave Couple Started Their Own EDM Clothing Line

EDM Maniac had the opportunity to catch up with the founders of MyBPM, a streetwear brand inspired by electronic music culture. Helmed by Jennifer and Farrice, the boyfriend-girlfriend team launched MyBPM to create a clothing line for ravers made by ravers. While there are many brands inspired by electronic music, this brand is meant to transcend from festivals to daily life as a reminder to practice the values of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) both inside and outside the festival doors.

As avid ravers themselves, Jennifer and Farrice wanted to create a brand that reminds individuals to be themselves and represent their love for electronic music. In a time where festivals are on hold, this brand makes it easy to keep your connection to raves, festivals, and the music alive. In addition to the overall brand, MyBPM aims to bring a quality product at an affordable price. Check out the interview below to learn more about their story. For all EDM Maniac followers, use the discount code “edmmaniac” for 20% off your order!

EDM Maniac: What inspired you to launch a dance music apparel brand?

MyBPM: In a world of disconnection, fear, hate, and negativity we felt inspired to do our part in elevating the human condition back to one of peace, love, unity, and respect.  The positive energy & love that’s felt and created within this community we feel can restore harmony to the world. And as ravers, we felt one of the best ways to spread the good vibes would be through apparel that inspired love, connection, and positivity to ourselves and others.

EDM Maniac: What sets your brand apart from other dance music brands?

MyBPM: We focus on the love, values, lifestyle, and community that make EDM culture so unique. And unlike other EDM brands out there, our brand stands strong behind what it means to live the culture. We also want to bring dance music fans apparel that’s premium, fashionable, comfortable and could be worn in everyday life that proudly represents our community’s values & culture.

EDM Maniac: Tell us about yourself and how you got into fashion!

MyBPM: We are ravers creating streetwear for ravers, because of our own love for dance music. We met while I was on a trip and we were both checking out the same DJ. All night we talked about EDM and our love for festivals and the culture. We did long distance for about year until Farrice moved to LA, and we’ve been together since.

Jen : I’ve always loved fashion. As a little girl my mom and grandma would dress me up in cute dresses and make me pose beside a vase, on our balcony, or some random place in our house. My mom has photo albums full of these pictures lol. But being chubbier in middle and high school, sometimes all the cutest clothes my friends wore didn’t fit me the same. I still wanted to wear the latest fashion trends, so I had to improvise. As I got older I learned to love the skin I’m in, and that clothes don’t define me, but are an expression of me. Now my goal is to help others look good AND feel good through fashion.

Farrice: When I was younger, I was definitely a nerd. My fashion sense essentially consisted of ‘comfort first’. But in high school, I was bullied, and it caused me to have low self-esteem, which led to my inability to stick to my true style and wear clothes that helped me feel more confident in my own skin. Since then I’ve overcome the insecurities that made me feel unsure about myself and embraced my love of fashion and style. Today I’m all about empowering others to feel confident and expressing themselves through fashion.

EDM Maniac: What is your all-time favorite festival?

MyBPM: We’ve been to A LOT of festivals, even ventured to out of state and out of country ones. But in our opinion, so far no festival compares to EDC Las Vegas. The level of production that surrounds the entire event creates a a euphoric fantasy world where everyone’s inner child comes alive. From the laser shows that illuminate the night sky to the dazzling fireworks displays, you are taken on a wild sensory ride unlike any other.

EDM Maniac: What is a festival that you have on your bucketlist?

MyBPM: We’re not going to lie. Tomorrowland is definitely #1 on our bucketlist. It’s one of the top festivals in the world and it would be an absolute dream come true for us to have a chance to attend an event of such caliber with our rave fam one day.

EDM Maniac: We noticed a common theme with PLUR. What does that mean to you personally?

MyBPM: PLUR is a way of life for us. And to us, that means having Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect with one’s self. Because we feel you can’t live life pouring from an empty cup. So by loving yourself fully first you are able to love the world and others around you naturally.

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