38 Fabulous Black-Owned Festival Brands You Can Shop Now

Today is Black Out Day for 2020 as part of the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the world. Rather than simply posting about Black Lives Matter today, July 7th has been designated as a day to support black-owned businesses as a true sign of support for the black community.

For those in the rave community, we encourage you to check out and purchase from these black-owned rave and festival brands both today and in the future. Special thanks to for putting together a comprehensive list and to other contributors that helped put this together! 


Based in Chicago, GIVEMEPLUR is a ready-to-wear festival fashion brand with everything from harnesses to vibrant sets.

We KoKo

WeKoKo is a marketplace that brings together independent festival brands, making this a great place to shop all your favorite looks.

Valley of Babez

Bright sets, cute robes, and tons of accessories perfect for festival season.

Funky Gurls Clothing

Funky patterns, vibrant designs, and lots of fun pieces for all sizes.

Electric By Mar

Festival brand featuring custom-made pieces using unique fabrics and creative designs to create cute sets that will stand out.

Pretty in Punq

Ready-to-wear rave fashion that includes sets and outfits perfect for dancing the night away.

Rave Kulture Kreations

Rave and festival accessory brand that specializes in braiding services, along with some very cute accessories.

Bras By Nicolle

Bras By Nicolle brings you the cutest custom bras with creative designs for every rave babe.

Rich Girl Candy

Fusion of electronic dance vibes with hip-hop culture for fun, rainbow-inspired looks.

Glitter Kitten

Made in Australia, Glitter Kitten has the perfect sets, accessories, and more for your festival outfit.

Elsie & Fred

UK-based rave and festival wear boutique with colorful and glitter-adorned sets and outfits.


Based in Atlanta, this boutique creates custom pieces for the ultimate rave outfit.


UK-based festival fashion brand featuring festival attire and accessories.

Crooked River Clothing

Cleveland-based fashion brand that features cute sets, sexy bodysuits, and more!

House of Aris

Unique custom pieces that bring a creative twist to your festival outfit.

The Crayon Case

Bright pigments and exciting colors to add to your festival makeup collection.

Love, Vera

Beautiful lingerie, tops, and bodysuits to accompany your rave look.

Spookie Kids

Based in New Jersey, Spookie Kids brings alternative and gothic styles to the rave scene for those looking for an edgier look.

Almost On Time

Custom, reworked corsets that are hand-made in San Francisco.

JBD Apparel 

Body-hugging custom knit sets with cutouts in all the right places.


Lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting responsible raving. It is true, we all do love water!

Frisk Me Good

Ravewear brand with edgy and creative designs featuring handmade custom orders from reworked materials.


Rave accessory brand that specializes in custom harnesses and masks.

Hdbngr Rvwr

Edgy apparel that includes tees, flannels, accessories, and an assortment of rave fashion.

Neon Cowboys

Brings glow-in-the-dark, neon accessories to life with masks, press-on nails, hats, and more!


Omaha-based brand that includes rave fashion, leisurewear, lingerie, and more.

Upstreet Kid

LA-based rave and lingerie brand that creates custom sets for your ultimate rave outfit.

Harness Me Designs

This brand specializes in unique, creative harnesses as a perfect accessory to your rave outfit.

Treasure The Funk

Unique styles that feature colorful fabrics and prints along with beautiful accessories.


Perfect for a summer festival, this brand features custom crochet sets all made by hand.


For the rave or now for the street, this brand makes custom masks featuring powerful women that can be fully tailored to your style.


Accessory brand that features body chains, checkers, harnesses, and creative graphic tees.


Based in LA, this brand gives rave accessories a unique twist.

Diverse Design Clothing

UK-based ravewear company that brings custom rave pieces to life.

An Original Leroy

Based in London, this brand offers a unique style of festival sets that are also featured on ASOS.

Jade Lebour

NY-based rave brand that features colorful bodysuits, mixed fabrics, and fun accessories.

Play Gear

Atlanta-based rave brand that features tees, accessories, wigs, and more.

She Has Evolved

Bold, unique looks with made-to-order sets and designs.

Nasty Gem

Specializing in accessories and jewelry, this brand makes custom chokers, necklaces, and harnesses to compliment any outfit.

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