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Want To Learn How To Shuffle? Check Out The Shuffle Shaper

Let’s talk about dancing in the Dance Music community. Obviously, there are a ton of moves, routines, and flow styles when you’re getting down to your favorite songs and artists. But one dance seems to rule supreme in the EDM scene; the shuffle. You have heard about it and seen it in action at countless shows and festivals. But what is shuffling really?  And how do you do it? Well lucky for you we have to answer those questions with one simple solution: The Shuffle Shaper.

The Shuffle Shaper was invented during the quarantine of 2020 as a pioneering tool that makes it as easy as possible to learn how to shuffle. Anyone who loves EDM or has an itch to explore this unique dance now has no excuse not to take the first step … or steps!

How It Works  

The Shuffle Shaper is the best way to learn this iconic dance. It’s a mat that you can lay down on any flat surface and begin your dancing lesson. It is perfect for beginners and veteran shufflers. The mat has laid out step-by-step, color-coded instructions for how to get your groove on. The Shuffle Shaper takes the seemingly confusing dance and breaks it down into easy-to-understand sections of the dance – The Running Man and the T-Step. Not to mention this dance trainer also doubles as your own portable dance floor! After the Shuffle Shaper, not only will your friends want to know how you got those moves, but they will suspect you have been hitting the gym! The Shuffle Shaper is a great way to get active at home. Just lay it down, turn on some of your favorite tunes or the shuffle tutorial videos, and get moving! The footwork you do for the shuffle is a great way to get some cardio in your life.

Whether you are looking to learn the shuffle, keep your dance moves sharp, or looking for a nice at-home cardio workout, the Shuffle Shaper offers it all! Be sure to follow @shuffleshaper on social media to stay up to date with this sweet company and which festivals or shows you might be able to find them at and keep your eyes open for an exclusive crowdfunding opportunity!

Check out their website for information and the most up-to-date news here. Keep up with Shuffle Shaper on Instagram and Twitter. See Shuffle Shaper tutorials, Running Man tutorials and their other YouTube videos here

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