Rockstar Games Reveals New In Game Nightclub For ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Attention gamers, Rockstar Games has just announced the addition of a new underground nightclub as a part of the game’s new Cayo Perico...


Live to Rave, Rave to Live: Why I Rave

All of us have a story. All of us have a reason we go to festivals and raves. But ultimately, all of us...


EDM Is A Feeling, And There’s Nothing Quite Like It

EDM gives you telepathy. Sharing equal love for a song or artist with another soul allows you a valuable form of communication that...


Here Are The 5 Best Ways (We Think!) To Recover From A Festival

I got back from Lost Lands last week and thought about the importance of recovering properly after a festival. It’s no secret that...

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5 People At Raves You Don’t Want To Be (And The 5 You Do)

For those of us who have been to our fair share of shows and festivals, we’ve met some pretty awesome people, a few...

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How To Prepare Your Body for a Music Festival

Festival season has started! If you love music festivals and have one or two lined up for this season, keep reading so you...