Defqon.1 May Soon Land in America

Last year it was revealed that SFX will be leveraging Q-Dance to reach more hardstyle fans in the USA, and now it look’s like the USA will soon get it’s share of the European hardstyle festival pie.  In a recent Reddit AMA with Villain, a hardstyle fan probed a little and Villain vaguely eluded to it’s arrival:

Redditor: Where do you think the harder styles will end up in the USA? Can I expect in the foreseeable future Defqon.1 America?

Villain: Defqon will come !!!

Redditor: I saw you in orlando and was one of the few hardstyle shows ever in Florida. Do you think Defqon one will ever come to the US?

Villain: No doubt That day will come soon:) is also reporting that Shelly Finkel from SFX has indicated possible future plans:

We will take Q-dance to probably a dozen (12) cities in the US on a smaller level and they will hopefully go to the next step soon. We will also build a festival or two in the US with Defqon.1.

Of course we’ll keep you updated as soon as any additional information becomes available.

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