Rave Doctor Launches New Hydration Powder, Perfect for Festivals

A new supplement is officially on the market that will be a must-have for festivalgoers everywhere this holiday season. HyrdroRX by Rave Doctor is a hydration powder mixed with 16 essential vitamins and minerals, Himalayan sea salt (for that extra boost of electrolytes) and natural energy. Rave Doctor was founded by two festival friends after witnessing a near-death experience at a festival back in 2016. Together they designed a product that would use their experience in the medical and engineering fields to help solve one of the biggest problems at festivals – dehydration. 

It’s a product that recently launched at EDC Orlando, and is designed to help combat the side effects of dehydration and overheating – whether you’re at festivals or other active sporting events. 

“Developed by doctors we wanted to reduce the top reason for health-related issues at festivals, dehydration,” said Scott Bartnick, co-creator of RaveDoctor.com. “Endless research went into developing the perfect hydration product. In the end, we developed a product that we can be proud to offer.”

The new powder had no artificial sweeteners and is vegan and keto-friendly. The powder itself is a concoction of Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, B3, B6, B12 and more. All of these work together to help combat excessive dehydration and heat exhaustion. Even more so, the powder has Himalayan salt, which will allow you to experience faster rehydration. 

HydroRX is available right now! You can click here for more information.

We are so excited to see a passionate group of people coming together to solve one of the biggest festival problems we ALL have experienced. HydroRX is definitely worth checking out for your next festival and launched just in time for the holiday gift season. 

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