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EDM Maniac Interview: Rinzen, A Los Angeles Based Techno Powerhouse

Michael Sundius, better known as Rinzen, is a Los Angeles-based cinematically influenced techno producer, who creates worlds within the music. With a background...

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Rinzen Shares Explorative New Double-Track EP, ‘Passive Aggressive Robot’

For years dance and electronic music have been associated with robots and other artificial lifeforms, and Rinzen has taken that concept to the...

Sam Perricone and Reed Tan - Local Dialect
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Local Dialect Releases New Techno EP ‘Erebus’ on Desert Hearts Black

In Greek mythology, “Erebus” translates to darkness or shadow. It’s the “personification of darkness and one of the primordial deities.” Former Princeton grads...


Marbs, Evan Casey and Co. Set the Tone For Desert Hearts Black [Gallery]

Desert Hearts mantra is “House. Techno. Love.”. Yet, a quick glance at their past lineups and label catalog demonstrate a strong prevalence of...

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Desert Hearts Launches Desert Hearts Black

The iconic house and techno label known as Desert Hearts has just announced some very exciting news. After years of cementing themselves as...