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Check Out Scenes From Dubfire’s Top-Notch Extended Set At The Viaduct

Few DJ’s alive understand the art of the extended set like Dubfire.

His journey into dance music began over 20 years ago as a member of the Grammy-award winning duo, Deep Dish, and now he is a force unto his own. He started his label, Sci-Tec Digital, over ten years ago and through it, he continuously blurs the lines between house and techno in the best way possible.

Recently, LA was blessed with a four-hour extended set from Dubfire during which he displayed his unmatched ability to guide dancers on a journey from light into darkness. Moreover, this exquisite musical endeavor took place at one of LA’s most exciting venues: The Viaduct.

Tucked away under the historic Broadway Bridge, this unique space was the ideal environment to harken back to the roots of dance music culture. It was the perfect mix of industrial and modern. Large enough for the crowd to have room to roam, and intimate enough to where Dubfire could get a succinct read on what the crowd was looking for.

This party was an Underrated Presents production. Most notably they throw Minimal Effort every year along with Clinic Wednesdays every week at The Sayer’s Club, but they are clearly moving in a new direction; providing intriguing events that bring a fresh flavor to LA’s dance music scene.

Check out photos from this amazing eve below. All credit goes to Jamie Adam Rosenberg and Night Moves Me.

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